With the Heavyload certification service to Load Lifting and Release Equipment you can obtain the certification that your company needs, to ensure safety, performance and integrity of their equipment.

Ensure that their equipment meets the safety requirements and regulations of the country in which you are operating, is an important part of gaining access to the market. Our certification services help you get the relevant certification that your company needs to ensure safety, performance and integrity of their equipment.

Why use Heavyload certification services?

We can help you to:

Ensure the performance, security and integrity of their equipment and components;

Achieve the necessary certification of the country in which you are operating and ensure compliance with all requirements regulations and safety standards;

Check that the equipment and its components were regularly evaluated, tested and inspected in right time and in accordance with national and international standards;

Check the design of your equipment, according to the codes of international design;

Trusted certification services of Load Lifting and Release equipment from the leading provider supplier;

As a leading company in Management, Inspection, Maintenance, Testing and Certification, the HeavyLoad is accredited to provide conformity assessment and certification of equipment in different countries.

Our certification service of Lifting and Release equipment includes:

Design Verification: evaluation of design, drawings and specifications for codes, standards, purchase specifications and statutory requirements;

Equipment Certification: tests and inspections for specifications, codes, guidelines and standards industry for their equipment and their components;

Inspections and audits Equipment: thorough examination of mechanical, structural, electrical systems and security, including ropes and webbing;

Equipment tests: independent monitoring of equipment performance testing to ensure that the operating values are met.

As we are a Global supplier of complete services for the maintenance of the equipment available and certificates, our contract cost is reduced, ensuring the increase of customers profit margin.