Global Management to Load Lifting and Release Equipment. We can offer Equipment Rental, Load Handling, Inspection, Maintenance, Load Test and Certification for all Load Lifting and Release Equipment.

The current trend of our customers, in contracting a single supplier, responsible for the management and delivery of services allows great advantages:

A single channel for the solution of all your problems;

Engineers and Technicians trained and skilled in the areas of Lifting and Load Release;

Technical relationship with manufacturers and certification / classification societies;

Guarantees in the application of original spare parts and / or studies for replacement;

National support network;

Reduces risk of contract non-qualified companies;

Service guarantee to all the requirements of IMO for regular inspections and Maintenance.

Heavyload has a team of engineers and Technical specialists in maintenance, trained to run Fault Analysis studies (FEMECA) to any equipment for Load Lifting and Release or any equipment of the plant, determining when inspections and / or maintenance must be performed. Through these maintenance-engineering studies, strategy of maintenance as defined and routines of planned maintenance are detailed.

Independent of service, we can mobilize our technicians in the maximum of 24 hours.

With accumulated experience in services of Inspection, Certification, and Maintenance in Load Lifting and Release Equipment, including Cranes, Davits, Overhead Cranes, A-Frame, Steel Cables, Shackles among others, Heavyload is able to take over the implementation and / or the Maintenance Management of critical equipment or the full service of the customer's entire plant. Our main focus in our contracts of Management is to increase in productivity of our customers. Using experienced and qualified manpower, Maintenance Engineering tools and programs of monitoring and predictive analysis, we can ensure the compliance with fundamental equation that is HIGHER PERFORMANCE ASSETS WITH LOWER GOBAL COSTS, i.e:

Increase productivity = Best Return of capital expenditure through higher performance of assets with lower overall costs.

We can use the following graph showing as the client increase profit can be obtained from sustainable and permanent way, combining reducing costs with increased productivity through effective management of maintenance function: