The integrity of Load Lifting and Release equipment of our customer is vital to the achievement of safe and reliable lifting operations. Using Heavyload Inspection services the customer can ensure that their equipments are in place for safe work, avoiding unpleasant or costly surprises when using them.

Heavyload team of inspectors and experts perform regular inspections on the client equipment, based on a previously developed program, which allows you to maximize productivity and minimize operational impact of unplanned outages, with consequent reduction of maintenance costs.

We offer

Daily, monthly, semi-annual, annual and five-year inspections in: Lifting equipment, Cranes, Over Head Cranes and Gantries Cranes, among others;

Full evaluation of equipment, carried out by experienced professionals and based on the latest revisions of the standards and requirements of international certification bodies;

Solutions to improve the load lifting capacity of the equipment and support in complex Lifting operations;

Technical expert advice for optimizing the performance and reliability of equipment;

Issue of Technical Reports;

Customer representation to the Certification / Classification bodies in the certification process.