Heavyload provides management packs for load lifting accessories keeping onshore certified kits ready for replacement of accessories to be certified offshore.

So that the customer always has the information from your current stock, each input or output materials of our facilities, always forwarded an updated report with the stock position, providing space and structure economy.

We provide qualified staff for performing cutting services and socket for steel cables.

Heavyload provides maintenance services, through a multidisciplinary scope of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Automation and Hydraulics, based on the specifications and recommendations of the original manufacturers, ensuring the performance and reliability of Load Lifting and Release equipment as well as the maintenance of them in accordance with the latest standards.

With a group of skilled and experienced professionals, we run our services with a focus on reducing maintenance liabilities and maintenance engineering studies for implementation of improvements and materials management.

Our offshore and onshore Maintenance Contracts include different modules of services including inspections, routine maintenance and also maintenance based on the condition (Predictive).

We implement Preventive Maintenance programs by Maintenance Plans for critical equipment with the Tasks Planning and Procedures controlled by specialized software.

With a service network covering the whole country and abroad activities and starting operations in Africa, Heavyload is prepared to meet the Load Lifting and Release equipment, involving Cranes, Davits, Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, A-Frame and others, with a team of technicians and engineers trained for the tasks to the highest global standards. This team is able to develop complete analysis on our customers' safety equipment, ensuring compliance with the latest revisions of the IMO standards.