Load Handling

We have the capacity to implement plans of rigging and put your unit safely anywhere.

With the know-how and experience of our team, heavyload can ensure services performed with maximum security avoiding any injury or damage to the environment and total protection of our clients equipment.

All of our lifting equipment are certified and we can certify the lifting accessories of our customers and manage all project.

Rigging Plan - experts in planning lifts loads

The Rigging Plan is the name given to the planning process for load lifting activities.

Our employees are specialized professionals to plan such activities thus ensuring total safety in handling and lifting any type of load. Through calculations, drawings, analysis and research field, which define cranes and equipment will be used.

The study is carried out so that one can use the right and necessary equipment for cargo handling, setting the correct positioning of the crane, preventing rework and especially injury.

Good planning and preliminary analysis activities are essential elements to the rigging plan processbe a success. Our company has a team of trained and qualified engineers and riggers to carry out correct plans for rigging.

Rigging plan process

Heavyload rigging team performs a technical visit to the lifting place to collect information and measure the correct equipment to be used.

Then we started the rigging plan creation phase, where batteries of tests with the statements of conditions that will addressed in the work, for example, soil strength, risk factors of safety, lashing material and the crane with best operational characteristics are carried out.

With all the information gathered, we use the SolidWorks platform for the development of a design of the rigging plan of the project area, showing all that will be realized on the operational phase.

After using SolidWorks program resources, engineers and riggers make a full review of the design, confirming that is a perfect planning and process.