Heavyload supports its customers with the supply of equipment, spare parts and load lifting and release accessories, offering the required engineering support in components of difficult acquisition or obsolete components studies.

Using the Know How acquired over several years of operation, Heavyload offers an effective system for spare parts and accessories management, through which our customers reduce maintenance costs of stocks with ensuring the availability of equipment, parts and accessories, releasing their capital for use in productive investments, with significant reduction of unnecessary stocks.

Our technicians and engineers make inspections of 6 months to 5 years and evaluate the replacement of equipment, parts and accessories of load lifting and release. In serving industries or corrective interventions in general, Heavyload operates directly with the client ensuring the availability of such parts or accessories and / or spare necessary to interventions.

Specials Equipments

Loads Digital System Indicator: We provide load monitoring device to Cranes, Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, A-Frame, Forklifts and other load lifting and release equipment.

The Heavyload offers a complete line of automatic centralized lubrication systems Graco, which increase equipment life and reduce downtime of them. A pump and a reservoir of grease or oil are positioned in a convenient and easily accessible location.

The pump supplies the grease or oil to a distribution block dosing accurately the grease or oil to be dispensed at each point of its machinery or equipment lubrication, avoiding premature wear, overheating and failure of the internal components, such as, bearings and axes.

Graco Lubrication Equipment Generates More Profits

Bomba elétrica de lubrificação G3™

Sistemas de lubrificação automática para equipamento fora de estrada

Sistemas de lubrificação automática para equipamento fora de estrada