Heavyload is a company focused on keeping your equipment available and certificated, providing management, equipment rental, Load Handling, Inspection, Maintenance, Load Test and Certification for all Load Lifting and Release Equipment.

To provide its services in different environments such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Ports, Hydroelectrics and Construction according to hired requirements with the guarantee of our customers satisfaction;

Improve quality development continuously through an effective Management System which meets the applied Law for the organization activities and the conventions and work recommendations;

Continuously improve the quality performance of its employees, investing in the awareness, communication and training of its staff, encouraging everyone to collaborate in a participatory manner in the consolidation of a Quality Management System (QMS);

Consider safety and personal health of employees a priority, acting preemptively against damage to the health of its employees;

Review periodically, in a critical way, its objectives and goals.

Goal: To provide a safe operation to contribute to the growth of our customers and partners in an organized, systemic and ethics way.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Certificate Cadfor